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Imported From South Africa

Solz Sandals Specifications

Available Men Sizes
12, 13
(women sizes - go down one size)

Solz Raptor Sole:
The outer-sole consists of a highly durable Thermo Plastic Rubber*, which will stick to rocks, like poop to a blanket. The Solz sole is designed to prevent slipping on all terrains. The sole is non-marking and is ideal fo use on boats & yachts. Also present are the "Takkie" bumbers around the entire footbed, for additional protection. All these features work together to create the killer "non-slip" dynamics of the SOLS sole.
The Solz Sole has been tested for over 100,000 flexes without any signs of deterioration.
* Density - 1.01 gr./cm3
* Shore Hardness - 55
* Tensile Strength - 5.00 mpa
* Elongation at Break - 550%

The firm high density Microtech (Vinlite) insole with cross grooves, enables water to be dispersed outward from underfoot. These grooves also create traction underfoot to minimize forward and backward motion (slipping) in wet and sweaty conditions.
Polyurethane adhesive with a heat catalyst, is used for constructing the Solz Sole

The combined In and Outsole
of the SOLZ Sandals, allows for:
* Comfort, comfort, comfort
* Allows the foot to roll, thus reducing ankle strain. In other less sophisticated sandals your ankle takes the pressure as it is used to flex the
   shoe when walking.
* The sandal is not left behind when stepping over an obstacle, reducing the chances of hooking and tripping.
* Prevents toe stubbing.
Upper construction & Webbing:
The non-rot 25mm tubular Polypropylene webbing* construction with strategically placed Hook and loop fasteners enables the wearer to modify the "fit" to suit their own feet, thus enhancing comfort and stability in both casual (loosen straps) and action (secure and tighten straps) situations.
*Warp 135 ends 900 Denier Polypropylene
*Weft 1 end 900 Denier Polypropylene
*Lock Thread 1 end 167 Dtex Texturised Polyester
*Picks per 10cm: 150



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Free Shipping
Available Men's Sizes
 12, 13
(women sizes - go down one size)



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Free Shipping
Available Men's Sizes
12, 13
(women sizes - go down one size)


The Solz sandals have been tested to the limit by many people involved in outdoor activities and all have found the 'rugged' sandal extremely comfortable and up to the task. Numerous river guides, outfitters, boaters, hikers, runners, game wardens, and pro-fisherman in South Africa, have given Solz Sandals a BIG thumbs up!
They were also worn by Pieter Du Plessis, competing in the very extreme 2001 Landrover Eco-Challenge. they will also be competing in the 2002, in their Solz sandals, Swartberg Challenge.

Felix Unite of Felix Unite River Adventures, one of the most famous river rafters and adventurers in South Africa, has been wearing Solz Sandals for 9 years now. He also recommends them to all his clients before taking them on the water

Cleaning your sandals:
Your sandals need to be washed regularly. Did you know: Your feet can perspire approximately 1 Qt. per day! The insole grooves will collect defoliating skin which builds up and becomes really stinky (foot pong) if not scrubbed.

Washing instructions:
Scrub the insole with soap and water or wash in a washing machine on wool (cool) wash. Dip sandal in a salt solution and allow to dry.

Solz are available in adult men's American sizes: 6 - 13 (for women select one size smaller) No half sizes are necessary due to the unique adjustable fit.

*Note:  These are unisex sandals


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